"Information is the oil of the 21st century, analytics is the motor."
Peter Sondergaard, Gartner research


Many industries face disruption due to a lack of visibility on their data. 

Leveraging our data analytics platform, we

  • explore and discover ways to make use of data for business growth 

  • uncover the root cause of a problem, provide insight, propose the solution

  • deliver faster results (on average up to 4x faster than conventional data analytics tools)

  • process all types of data (all formats, all sizes, all quality levels)


Created in 2003 Panoratio is a spin-off of German industry giant Siemens, which is dedicated to the delivery of big data analytics applications for Business experts and B-to-B solutions providers. We are based in San Francisco, Boston, Paris, Mannheim and Munich to serve customers all over the world.


Want to collaborate to build business?

In our venture Memoratio, we team up with entrepreneurs and companies to launch responsible data-driven ventures

at speed.


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